Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Palm Pre Mobile Phone Specification

Palm Pre 2 Unlocked Started Selling in US, 30% lower than the accustomed amount In UK
Palm Pre 2 has aloof appear in US, but the alleviate adaptation has been appear by HP.
HP appear action the Palm Pre 2 Unlocked with amount about USD450 (330 Euro).
The weOS 2.0 buzz would appear with camera 5 megapixel,:
Palm Pre 2 has aloof appear in US and it is arranged with
-webOS 2.0
-5MP camera
-better multi-tasking
-faster processor (clocked at 1GHz)
-512MB RAM
-built-in GPS receiver
-Flash able web browser.
-scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass accoutrement affectation screen
-3.1 inch HVGA touchscreen with multi-touch support
-16GB of non-expandable storage
The amount of HP Palm Pre 2 Unlocked is about USD450 (330 Euro).

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